Manufacture's Warranty Policy


António’s bags have 2 year of warranty starting from the acquisition’s date, only valid for manufacturing defects.

The warranty card must be signed/stamped by the authorized dealer/store and presented with the purchase’s receipt.

The defective piece must be delivered to the nearest authorized dealer/store or sent to:

ANTÓNIO, Rua da Cerâmica, nº 24 - Ribafria, 2475-040 Benedita, Portugal


The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect and accidents like:

Exposure to sunlight or heaters

Stains or colour transfer from clothing dye, beverages, food spills or inclement weather

Contact with oils, perfumes and creams

Exposure to chemical or products with alcohol

Damage from pets

Scratches, soiled spots or marks from regular use

Lost or stolen item

Damage from sharp objects

Discolouration or dampness from storage

Improper care


The company will undertake to repair/replace the defective piece at its own discretion and its decision as to the nature of the defects and applicability of this warranty, is final.