We are two sisters belonging to a 2nd generation of a leather goods  manufacturer’s Portuguese family.

We believe in a world where people and the environment are essential.

Creating a brand with a clean and sustainable design came out of our experience.

We stick on following the handcrafter’s process, focused on each detail, and assuring the quality everyone recognizes in our organization.

We keep a close relationship with our suppliers, throughout 35 working years, taking the advantage of being geographically well located, in the center of Portugal.

We’ve chosen to work with a vegetable tanned leather and nickel free accessories, which assure a product in harmony with our environment as well as a new consumption conscience.




ANTÓNIO is a tribute to our history, to our father.

A compliment to beauty and to simplicity.

Designed to be versatile, elegant and timeless, under an ethical and sustainable philosophy.

All our models have a singularity: the family names on this history.

With an innovating design and minimalistic lines, enriched with distinct details, each model gets its own personality adapted to a sophisticated look.

The models in Natural colour get a particular place, as the leather will develop a character, along the time, getting tonalities and nuances growing from a nude state to a honey ton.

The SPECIAL EDITION grows in this universe of the legacy, from the leather metamorphosis and from time itself. It unbuilds emotions under the colour or under its absence.

Unique tonalities explosions are created, hand-painted, as Antonio is nothing but a HANDMADE STORY.

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This is our craft, an art dedicated to leather.

A tradition and knowledge built along the years.

Here our ideas are shaped under the hands of our artisans. It is a manual work of skill only achieved from the dedication in each detail.

This is our aim. To continue working on leather and investing on the search of new techniques and methods in this handcrafted and unique business.

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