Care Instructions


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A sustainable leather

We chose to use vegetable tanned leather in all our collection, a traditional, slow and non-toxic process using organic plant matter to cure and preserve the hide.

This method can bring colour and surface irregularities which we consider a sign of quality and authenticity.

This organic material is particularly challenging on the natural colour. It is vulnerable to light and touch because it is completely untreated - with no protective coating on its surface. Over time it tends to burnish with use, growing richer and darker in colouration, giving the product a unique identity.

All products made from natural leathers will age over time just like our skin.
Once this bag is manufactured its colour is in constant CHANGE.

Natural colour VS Natural colour with sun exposure

Natural colour VS Natural colour with sun exposure


Love your bag

Do not overstuff it.

Avoid rubbing and scrubbing.

Protect from the direct sunlight.

Keep pets and sharp objects away from leather.

Do not place heaters close to leather (no closer than 30cm).

Remove all liquids and food spills immediately.

Avoid contact with oils, perfumes and creams.

keep it stored in a dry and clean place, ideally in the dust bag that came with your bag.


* We recommend warm water and mild soap on a clean cloth for removing the most common stains. Test a small area before applying to the entire stain.
Persistent stain may require treatment by a professional cleaner.